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> But now some of the users still having
> the problems for which I have started this thread. One of the symptoms
> is,  users can't purge deleted items, when they press purge it says the
> client  lost connection to the server and that maybe becuase either the
> folder  doesnt exist or this is a limitation of the imap server. Another
> one is when  the user selects a mail to view, client says it needs to be
> downloaded from  the server and asks the user if he wants to mark it for
> download. Even if  the user marks it for download still cant view the
> mail. Now you know when I  disable the quota for the user the problem was
> solved so that I tought it  may be because of the quota files. But when I
> did 'quota -f' this didnt help  to solve the problem. Maybe I need to
> delete the quota files and recreate  them.
> Any further ideas?

This may not be the answer you're looking for, but based on anecdotal 
evidence I'd say it's an Outlook bug. Here's what you could try if you're 

mkdir the directory /var/lib/imap/log/username as user cyrus, replacing 
"username" with one of the users that have the problems. Wait until the 
problem occurs. Look at the log files created. If you can correlate a 
sequence of IMAP commands to the problem, it way give a hint what's wrong.

And to verify that it's an Outlook issue you could switch the affected 
users to a different client, at least temporarily.
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