Converting a unified murder to a traditional one

Janne Peltonen janne.peltonen at
Tue Aug 21 04:06:59 EDT 2007


I'd set up a unified murder config, deciding not to care about the XFER
bug, but when deploying it, I stumbled over an annoying bug: copying a
message from a mailbox on the local server to a mailbox on a remote one
doesn't work, nor does copying a message from a mailbox on a remote
server to a mailbox on the local one (see bug #2976).  Moreover, I was
unable to get proxying to work if the remote node only supported
plaintext authentication (even if it was only supported over an
encrypted layer) - I had to make the nodes support digest-md5
authentication, and put the administrative accounts into /etc/sasldb.
But this resulted in my clients trying to authenticate using digest-md5,
too, and resulted in stupid delays while they waited for the
authentication to fail so that they could authenticate using plaintext,
which was the method that could be integrated into our existing
authentication system (radius). So, I ended up having to add a couple of
frontends for the clients to connect to, with support only for plaintext
auth, and have no clients connect directly to the backends - so now I'm
running a system that is, for all intents and purposes, a traditional
Murder config, but with all the bugs and limitations of a unified Murder

So the question is: can I turn a unified Murder config into a
traditional one safely, editing the imapd.conf on one node at a time,
restarting (or maybe even kill -HUPing) one node at a time? Any
experiences, or do I just try this out?


--Janne Peltonen
email admin
Univ. of Helsinki
Janne Peltonen <janne.peltonen at>

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