SQUAT config

Robert Banz banz at umbc.edu
Thu Aug 16 11:40:46 EDT 2007

> Yes, i see, that's to invoke it. But i'm also reading that the config
> must be in imapd.conf yet i've seen no example for the syntax to do so
> (nor what is required (or even suggested)).
> I'm also wondering how to have squatter run against all IMAP  
> mailboxes.
> Do i need to specify them all when i invoke it? Or can i get away with
> feeding it "/var/spool/imap" with the -r switch and hoping it will
> figure it out?

It pretty much does the right thing out of the box.

The only configuration we've done is use the "metapartition" option  
to place the squat data on a separate filesystem than the mail spool  
databases & files.   This way we're not snapshotting them or backing  
them up, since they're easily recreated.

While their size is only a fraction of a folders', they get  
completely regenerated any time a folder gets updated -- so they  
could end up making a significant impact on your daily incremental  


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