SQUAT config

brian cyruslist at subtropolix.org
Thu Aug 16 11:15:03 EDT 2007

Chris Mattingly wrote:
> brian wrote:
>> Thanks, this is becoming clearer. But how do i configure squatter? Am i
>> looking in the wrong place?
>> brian
> Place the options in your cyrus.conf for squatter and you should be all 
> set.  For example:
> {
>   <other stuff>
>   squatter      cmd="squatter -s" period=180
> }

Yes, i see, that's to invoke it. But i'm also reading that the config 
must be in imapd.conf yet i've seen no example for the syntax to do so 
(nor what is required (or even suggested)).

I'm also wondering how to have squatter run against all IMAP mailboxes. 
Do i need to specify them all when i invoke it? Or can i get away with 
feeding it "/var/spool/imap" with the -r switch and hoping it will 
figure it out?


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