setaclmailbox: anyone: dcl: System I/O error

jc.duss59 at jc.duss59 at
Fri Aug 10 06:15:17 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I got a problem. I created mailboxes on cyrus with Websieve. 
On My cyrus, Unixhiersep is set to YES.
I did it also on Websieve but it seems it doesn't respect it
(i don't know how to solve it too!).

Normal and working mailboxes looks like that :
user/toto1/Sent (\HasNoChildren)

Websieve created mailboxes looks like that : 
user.toto25 (\HasNoChildren)

When i try to set Acl to delete it, I got such error :
sam "user.toto25" cyrus dcl
setaclmailbox: cyrus: dcl: System I/O error

??? Strange. How can I delete this mailboxes?
And maybe, how can i make Websieve mailboxes creation respect
the unixhiersep I set?

Thanks a lot for your help and for Cyrus!

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