Global sieve scripts and spamfolders/bb

Adam Stephens adam.stephens at
Mon Apr 16 05:17:04 EDT 2007

Janne Peltonen wrote:
> Hi!
> If the way to use sieve with bbs is sieve scripts in the global
> namespace, I was wondering whether there was any way to determine the
> destination mailbox based on the incoming address.
> That is:
> We'd like to create /one/ global spam-filtering script, which the BB
> owners could register their BB to use.
> At the same time, we'd like the email classified as spam to end up
> somewhere the BB owners could read them - so as to detect false
> positives.
> And we'd like that only the owners of the BB could read the spam sent to
> that BB's address.
> So spam that's coming to 'bb' should get filtered to, say, 'bb.spam', and
> spam coming to 'bb2' should get filtered to 'bb2.spam'.
We do this, but in the MTA rather than via Sieve; If the mail is tagged 
as spam, we call 'mbpath -s' and check the exit state to see if the 
destination has a spam subfolder. If it does, we put the message there 
using deliver. Users can enable the filtering by making the subfolder.

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