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Wolfgang Hennerbichler wogri at
Mon Apr 16 04:36:12 EDT 2007

On 13.04.2007, at 14:30, daniel.sipasseuth at wrote:
> I can't modify the LDAP schema. :(

why not?

> And i don't really understand how LDAP works.

It's a bad Idea to operate such an implementation then.

> To me, it's like a super read-optimized database representing  
> objects like
> in a unix filesytem.

It's a super read-optimized database.

> If you have good docs about how the protocols works, i'll read  
> them. :)

I recommend reading a book about ldap. (if you use this  
ldap implementation) is pretty well documented, too.

> Daniel Sipasseuth


wogri at

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