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daniel.sipasseuth at mpsa.com daniel.sipasseuth at mpsa.com
Fri Apr 13 08:30:23 EDT 2007

>> Is there a way to bind a uid to a mailbox ? using my uid to log in,
>> but
>> using myname at mydomain.com to send/receive mail.

>This all depends on your MTA and is not cyrus related. I've done the
>whole (sendmail-virtusertable-like) aliasing in ldap+exim, if you use
>exim I can provide you some help, but you will need to do a lot of

>> Sincerely,
>> Daniel Sipasseuth


I can't modify the LDAP schema. :(
And i don't really understand how LDAP works.
To me, it's like a super read-optimized database representing objects like
in a unix filesytem.

If you have good docs about how the protocols works, i'll read them. :)

>> Thanks for the quick reply.
>> So the only way to do this is to use the "virtual users" ability of
>> the MTA
>> ?

>Don't know if it's the only method. But cyrus takes the name of the
>user mailbox from the MTA so I think it's the MTA that should
>"translate" between email address and cyrus user name.

>Hope this helps

>> The LDAP have user names like uidXXX, where XXX are numbers.
>> Autentification is OK, work really well. but having mailbox like
>> uidXXX at mydomain.com is not really what i want.

>what values of this parameters in your imapd.conf:

i don't have any virtual domain set.
i'm actually trying to configure this.
need some time to understand the way postfix & cyrus handle them :)

Thanks for your help :)


Daniel Sipasseuth
daniel.sipasseuth at mpsa.com

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