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Daniel Eckl deckl at
Wed Sep 6 03:12:13 EDT 2006

Just for the sake of completeness:

Kjetil made me aware of the fact, that cyrus mailman does indeed put in
List-Post header.
No idea how I could have overseen that while searching for it.

If thunderbird would have the needed functionality, it could provide the
user with a "List Reply" Button.

We will see this behavior in TB in version 3.0 which contains base
changes allowing an extention to provide that feature.

But these changes have been ported back to TB 1.5 unofficially:

For example a SuSE packager provides patched TB packages for SuSE 10.0
and SuSE 10.1:

Thanks and best,

Daniel Eckl wrote:
> Kjetil Torgrim Homme wrote:
>> On Tue, 2006-09-05 at 14:14 +0200, Daniel Eckl wrote:
>>> Rudy Gevaert wrote:
>>>>> yes, this is desired.  read
>>>> How do you reply to list in thunderbird?
>> I had a look, it seems there is no support for it, not even an
>> extension.
>>> Well, just assumed that thunderbird would be able to make use of that,
>>> you would need a List-Reply: header field added from the mailing list
>>> system.
>> what is "List-Reply"?  RFC 2369 specifies List-Post.
>>> But that's considered harmful as well.
>> I don't see any mention of "List-Reply" in the above text.  it talks
>> about the "Reply to list" function.
>>> So there is no solution which satisfies the lazy ones as well as the
>>> paranoid ones. No, I will neither say to which group I belong nor where
>>> you belong to. *g*
>> in a MUA which has "reply to list" conveniently available (e.g. Ctrl+L
>> in Evolution, "f" in Gnus, "g" in Mutt), there is no conflict between
>> being lazy and paranoid.
> Correct, I think List-Post is the corresponding header to the List-Reply
> function I am speaking of. I burred too much with the term "List-Reply:
> header field". Thanks for clarification.
> But if you don't see the term list-reply in
> then your browser search function is seriously broken.
> A dedicated button for List Reply is a very elegant version of my wish
> of making that configurable.
> But to make this usable at all, cyrus mailman has to include this header
> field, so a list-reply function knows what's the adress of the list and
> which adresses are persons which are on To: line, too.
> At the moment, the MUA can support whatever it wants, it cannot know
> what's the list address.
> Best,
> Daniel
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