To list admins: Reply-to address

Daniel Eckl deckl at
Tue Sep 5 11:05:40 EDT 2006

Kjetil Torgrim Homme wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-09-05 at 14:14 +0200, Daniel Eckl wrote:
>> Rudy Gevaert wrote:
>>>> yes, this is desired.  read
>>> How do you reply to list in thunderbird?
> I had a look, it seems there is no support for it, not even an
> extension.
>> Well, just assumed that thunderbird would be able to make use of that,
>> you would need a List-Reply: header field added from the mailing list
>> system.
> what is "List-Reply"?  RFC 2369 specifies List-Post.
>> But that's considered harmful as well.
> I don't see any mention of "List-Reply" in the above text.  it talks
> about the "Reply to list" function.
>> So there is no solution which satisfies the lazy ones as well as the
>> paranoid ones. No, I will neither say to which group I belong nor where
>> you belong to. *g*
> in a MUA which has "reply to list" conveniently available (e.g. Ctrl+L
> in Evolution, "f" in Gnus, "g" in Mutt), there is no conflict between
> being lazy and paranoid.

Correct, I think List-Post is the corresponding header to the List-Reply
function I am speaking of. I burred too much with the term "List-Reply:
header field". Thanks for clarification.

But if you don't see the term list-reply in
then your browser search function is seriously broken.

A dedicated button for List Reply is a very elegant version of my wish
of making that configurable.
But to make this usable at all, cyrus mailman has to include this header
field, so a list-reply function knows what's the adress of the list and
which adresses are persons which are on To: line, too.

At the moment, the MUA can support whatever it wants, it cannot know
what's the list address.


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