Cyrus discards? Messages older than 3 wonth

Andrzej Adam Filip anfi at
Thu Mar 23 21:14:04 EST 2006

Jason Fesler <jfesler at> writes:

>> Is it possible, that cyrus (debian sarge,  cyrus21-common
>> 2.1.18-2.0.1) discards automaticly messages that are older than
>> three month?
>> I cant find messages in my "Sent"-Folders which are older. In other
>> folders there are messages older than three month.
> If your ISP runs "ipurge" regularly, that may happen.
> If you run the box in question, look for signs of ipurge in your
> configuration files and in any place your OS might configure cron
> entries.
> On *my* system, I expire the spam and trash folders for all users, but
> not anything eles.

What expiry periods do you use/recomend?
[ I use 7 days for "trash" ]

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