Cyrus discards? Messages older than 3 wonth

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at
Fri Mar 24 09:54:44 EST 2006

Quoting Jason Fesler <jfesler at>:

>> Is it possible, that cyrus (debian sarge,  cyrus21-common 
>> 2.1.18-2.0.1) discards automaticly messages that are older than 
>> three month?
>> I cant find messages in my "Sent"-Folders which are older. In other 
>> folders there are messages older than three month.
> If your ISP runs "ipurge" regularly, that may happen.

Also, if this happens only to some users, it is possible their email 
client is doing that.  Many email clients have options to automatically 
expire messages from sent mail folders (in addition to Trash/Junk type 
of folders), some come with them enabled by default, some prompt user 
for confirmation, some just go and do it behind your back.  Some email 
clients would rename sent mail folder at start of each month to 
something like INBOX.sent-mail-monthname (or 
INBOX.archive.sent-mail-monthname or something similar) and create new 
one.  Check for that too.

See Ya' later, alligator!

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