Cyrus discards? Messages older than 3 wonth

Jason Fesler jfesler at
Thu Mar 23 17:19:51 EST 2006

> Is it possible, that cyrus (debian sarge,  cyrus21-common 2.1.18-2.0.1) 
> discards automaticly messages that are older than three month?
> I cant find messages in my "Sent"-Folders which are older. In other folders 
> there are messages older than three month.

If your ISP runs "ipurge" regularly, that may happen.

If you run the box in question, look for signs of ipurge in your 
configuration files and in any place your OS might configure cron entries.

On *my* system, I expire the spam and trash folders for all users, but not 
anything eles.

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