deliver and multiple bounces for a single failure

John Madden jmadden at
Mon Mar 20 10:25:56 EST 2006

I've got a problem I hope is just a configuration issue.  Due to the problems 
I've had with Postfix and LMTP, I've switched to the pipe-to-deliver method.  
The problem: When multiple users are delivered to on a single deliver 
instance and one of them bounces (over quota), the entire envelope "bounces," 
even though everyone else does indeed receive the message.  

The MTA, in other words, is seeing these bounces and returning messages to the 
senders with dozens of failures reported for every actual failure.  (This is 
quite a headache when MLM's come into the picture, for example.)

My 'cyrus' transport in /etc/postfix/ 

cyrus     unix  -       n       n       -       -       pipe
  user=cyrus argv=/usr/cyrus/bin/deliver -r ${sender} ${user}

Are there any options, either in the MTA or in Cyrus, that will prevent these 
erroneous bounces?  (Postfix 2.1.5, Cyrus 2.2.12, Debian 3.1)


John Madden
Sr. UNIX Systems Engineer
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana
jmadden at

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