backing up a single mailbox in Cyrus

rajeev rajeev at
Mon Mar 20 10:44:02 EST 2006

I have a Cyrus + Postfix installation and I would like to backup (tar and
copy on DVD) a single users mail box (who gets always_bcc = mailbackup).
This would be a daily backup sort of thing. Once I backup these files I
would like to delete them with a cron job. 

Could you please help / guide me how to do this. I have main concern to know
what are the files and folders to be copies for backing up this user's mail


Is it just the /var/spool/imap/m/user/mailbackup/* or any other files


Also can I copy these files back to the same folder and read this mail with
a web client? (for example if some one wants a mail on 2006-Feb-20th, I copy
the files after untaring that days backup and move them to
var/spool/imap/m/user/mailbackup and use a web mail program to read it?. is
this possible.?


Has anyone done something like this before? Is there any better way to
backup a single mailbox in Cyrus? 


Look forward to receive some answers and comments!









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