we need some information about cyrus-imap server

Sergio Devojno Bruder bruder at haxent.com.br
Tue Mar 14 07:52:55 EST 2006

Masud Girkar wrote:
> Hi List,
> "We need to make sure that Cyrus server with Open-Xchange is capable of 
> handling 2-3 Tera bytes of mail database store. We need to keep large 
> size of mail databases on SAN devices. If somebody is already having 
> this kind of setup or known with the proficiency of Cyrus IMAP Server. 
> Please help"
> 1. Is one Cyrus is capable enough to work for 1-3 Tera bytes
We currently have 10 TB distributed in 4 cyrus backends (2,2,2 and 4TB), 
fiber channel to storage. One note: We use a non-stock directory hash 
function (2 levels deep instead of one).

> 2. Will there be any issue of speed of the mailing system while keeping 
> large size mail storage database with the Cyrus server?
Its just a matter of correct sizing of hardware setup.

> 3. What would be the Cyrus configuration/architecture for this setup.
We use murder.

> 4. OR is there a way to archive the old mail (inbox/sent)on the server 
> so that the users can access/search the old mails at some later stage.
I cant help you here.

> Regards
> Masud Girkar
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