we need some information about cyrus-imap server

Jure Pečar pegasus at nerv.eu.org
Tue Mar 14 09:36:35 EST 2006

On Tue, 14 Mar 2006 09:52:55 -0300
Sergio Devojno Bruder <bruder at haxent.com.br> wrote:

> > 1. Is one Cyrus is capable enough to work for 1-3 Tera bytes
> We currently have 10 TB distributed in 4 cyrus backends (2,2,2 and
> 4TB), fiber channel to storage. One note: We use a non-stock
> directory hash function (2 levels deep instead of one).

This sounds interesting. With two levels deep hash one would easily get
around 32k subdirs per dir limit most file systems have, which
basically leaves you without much choice but reiserfs. 

I'm getting dangerously close to 32k users per letter and I don't feel
comfortable with fulldirhash. Even with fulldirhash one can have at
most 26*32k (~850k) users per instance, assuming nice even
distribution ... But two level hash would raise this limit way up and
give more choice of filesystems.

Is your hash available as a patch? Have you thought about getting it
included in 2.3 branch?


Jure Pečar

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