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John Madden jmadden at
Wed Jul 5 10:07:23 EDT 2006

> You can contain the fanout by enabling both fulldirhash and
> hashimapspool in imapd.conf (but you will need to stop the server and
> rehash everything if you do this on an existing system).

Of course -- but hashing only gets you so far.

> The 32000 limit applies to subdirectories, not to files so it would
> only be a problem for the main spool directory of a server with a lot
> of users. Hashing should raise the supportable number of users by a
> factor of about 20. I suspect there are other things that would stop
> you putting 600,000 users on one server...

True, but I do expect to reach this number on this machine in the next
couple of years.  ...And reiserfs has been just fine so far.  Then
again, I didn't even consider using ext3 at the time.


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