Batch mailbox creation

Martin Weil mweil at
Sun Feb 19 14:59:24 EST 2006

Hi there!

I am implementing Cyrus with MySQL authentication for about 1,000 users.

I am looking for a technique to create mailboxes for every user with  
a batch script. I read O'reillys "Managing Imap", and there is a  
batch script given, but i think it was designed for versions prior to  
Cyrus 2. I doesn't work with the perl version of cyradm.

Is there any way to make it possible to create every mailbox that  
does not currently exist?

I know there are several scripts around and also that there is an  
autocreate patch, but i am not really familiar with patching...

I am running Debian Sarge and the Cyrus packages that are provided  
with it.

If you need additional information, please tell me.

Best Regards,
Martin Weil

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