reconstruct didn't get flags

Joakim Arfvidsson joakimar at
Sun Feb 19 14:10:50 EST 2006

The other day, my Cyrus server had a power outage and Cyrus got sad –  
got some dberror on start of it.

This is a Mac OS X Server box, with the standard Cyrus configuration.

I first tried a reconstruct – the domain is small enough, takes only  
a few minutes. Still error on start. To me it wasn't clear which  
database was actually corrupted. So I restored the configuration  
directory (/private/var/imap) from nightly backups. That did the trick.

So the system got up and started receiving mail again.

At the end of this though, I noticed that I lost mail flags (read and  
answered in particular). I'm at a loss to describe why, since  
reconstruct was supposed to preserve them. That's not so nice… is  
there a good way of getting them back? Are they saved in the  
cyrus.index files in the mailbox directories?

Could I restore cyrus.index files from backups and run reconstruct? I  
guess this would destroy flags of anything that has happened since  
the outage though… which is still a lot better.

Is there even a way to combine flags from the current cyrus.index  
files and the ones that I would restore from a few days ago?

Best regards,
Joakim Arfvidsson
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