Building cyrus-imapd-2.2.12 on 64 bit linux

Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at
Wed Feb 15 12:19:15 EST 2006

Am Mi, den 15.02.2006 schrieb Rob Tanner um 17:53:

> Alexander,
> One of my major reasons for building cyrus-imapd myself rather than with 
> an RPM is that the FC4 distro RPM version logs as the mail facility, and 
> I do not want both the MTA and cyrus-imapd logging to the same syslog

I too prefer to have different log facilities / files for MTA and

> file.  Building from unmodified source, messages are logged using the 
> local6 facility.  Do you know if Simon's package has also been modified 
> like the FC4 distro?  I've not worked with source rpms and I'm not 

Very trivial to change that in the .spec file of Simon's SRC.RPM:

# used syslog facility for logging

rpmbuild -ba --target x86_64 cyrus-imapd.spec

Easy and you have the software within the package manager after
installation as an RPM.

> comfortable trying to figure it out for myself.  Or even better, is 
> there an undocumented option (imapd.conf or cyrus.conf directive) to set 
> the facility -- I certainly couldn't find a reference in the man pages.

The syslog facility is a compile time setting only.

> Rob


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