Removing quotas in 2.3.1 broken?

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Tue Feb 14 07:01:44 EST 2006

> Scott Russell wrote:
>> Greets.
>> I'm having problems removing quotas in Cyrus 2.3.1. I'm using Simon's
>> 2.3.1-2 RPM. It looks like the command attempts to remove the mailbox
>> quota but instead ends up doing something else. What I'm not sure of so
>> lots of logs and details provided:
>    Hello,
>   As Simon already said the quota removal works a bit differently in
> cyrus imap. You can read more info on this url :
>   The rmquota patch exists for cyrus 2.2.12. It hasn't been ported yet
> (officialy at least) to 2.3.1 since there wasn't much demand. If there
> is more demand we will port it asap to 2.3.1. (the 'auto' patches are by
> far more popular).

I have ported the rmquota patch to 2.3.1 and it's included in the RPM.
Removing quota works as described on the rmquota webpage.


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