Removing quotas in 2.3.1 broken?

Aristotelis arisg at
Tue Feb 14 06:15:34 EST 2006

Scott Russell wrote:
> Greets.
> I'm having problems removing quotas in Cyrus 2.3.1. I'm using Simon's 
> 2.3.1-2 RPM. It looks like the command attempts to remove the mailbox 
> quota but instead ends up doing something else. What I'm not sure of so 
> lots of logs and details provided:


  As Simon already said the quota removal works a bit differently in 
cyrus imap. You can read more info on this url :

  The rmquota patch exists for cyrus 2.2.12. It hasn't been ported yet 
(officialy at least) to 2.3.1 since there wasn't much demand. If there 
is more demand we will port it asap to 2.3.1. (the 'auto' patches are by 
far more popular).

    Best Regards,

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