reconstruction problems

stas khromoy stas at
Fri Dec 15 10:44:26 EST 2006

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i've tried -f option as well
and it came up with the same result

i've monitored both /var/log/imapd.log and /var/log/messages
for errors during reconstruction ..i did not see anything

searched for imap_ioerror string as well in the above logs with no results.

i found this old post
where the guy resolved the issue by creating the error causing folder
and running reconstruct again

thou he is getting
"system I/O error No such file or directory"
i only see
"system I/O error system I/O error"

wish i can try it now
instead of waiting for the end of the business day


Wesley Craig wrote:
> reconstruct -r just reads the DB, so yes the DB must be out of sync with
> the filesystem (not really "corruption" per se).  reconstruct -r -f
> reads the DB *and* the filesystem, but would still probably be subject
> to the DB problem you're experiencing.  When reconstruct finds mailboxes
> in the DB that aren't in the filesystem, it attempts to create it on
> disk.  I think the System I/O error you're getting is the result of that
> attempt to re-create the mailbox.  It ought to log something, in
> addition to displaying that error.  The mailbox_create() routine returns
> IMAP_IOERROR in many places, the syslog should tell more about exactly
> *why* it's getting the error.
> :wes
> On 15 Dec 2006, at 10:07, stas khromoy wrote:
>> the folders were not there to begin with
>> they were removed a while ago
>> but when i run reconstruct
>> they are being detected.
>> could the db be corrupt ?
>> or maybe the cyrus.header files still has them indexed some how ?
>> the only thing i can think off to 'fix' it
>> is to manually copy (via a mail client) all the emails from one mailbox
>> to another 'dummy' one. delete old one and copy all the emails back
>> but the mailbox size is outrageous (7.2GB) so doing it will take me some
>> serious time and i'd like to avoid it
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