reconstruction problems

Wesley Craig wes at
Fri Dec 15 10:29:48 EST 2006

reconstruct -r just reads the DB, so yes the DB must be out of sync  
with the filesystem (not really "corruption" per se).  reconstruct -r  
-f reads the DB *and* the filesystem, but would still probably be  
subject to the DB problem you're experiencing.  When reconstruct  
finds mailboxes in the DB that aren't in the filesystem, it attempts  
to create it on disk.  I think the System I/O error you're getting is  
the result of that attempt to re-create the mailbox.  It ought to log  
something, in addition to displaying that error.  The mailbox_create 
() routine returns IMAP_IOERROR in many places, the syslog should  
tell more about exactly *why* it's getting the error.


On 15 Dec 2006, at 10:07, stas khromoy wrote:
> the folders were not there to begin with
> they were removed a while ago
> but when i run reconstruct
> they are being detected.
> could the db be corrupt ?
> or maybe the cyrus.header files still has them indexed some how ?
> the only thing i can think off to 'fix' it
> is to manually copy (via a mail client) all the emails from one  
> mailbox
> to another 'dummy' one. delete old one and copy all the emails back
> but the mailbox size is outrageous (7.2GB) so doing it will take me  
> some
> serious time and i'd like to avoid it

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