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Thu Dec 14 13:43:54 EST 2006

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thanks for all your help, wesley

i'll try this as soon as i can

there is one question that is till puzzling me thou

when it replicates, it ignores inactive folders
for some reason

i looked at the size of my imap/user folder on replica (1.9gb)
and size of the same folder on master (2.4gb)

i am sure other mailboxes have the same issue
since the size of imap/user on replica is smaller then on master

any ideas ? or is it normal
i checked all the logs i dont see anything that could hint on the
problem if there is one

by inactive folders i mean folders that u use to store emails
and don't touch often

thanks again

Wesley Craig wrote:
> On 14 Dec 2006, at 09:41, stas khromoy wrote:
>> i've noticed that for only one
>> of the users
>> i get the following error
>> Error from do_user(-l): bailing out!
>> in the list archives i found some one with a similar issue
>> (at least is sounded like it)
> That's the error that you'd get from sync_client.  Probably a more
> detailed error is in syslog, and even more detail is likely to be
> available from sync_server on the replica.
>> the advice was to to reconstruct the mailbox
>> but on which machine - master or replica ?
> reconstruct on the master.  Probably I'd run sync_reset on the user in
> question on the replica as well.  Then sync_client -u again.
> :wes
>> also i don't see that error in the logs
>> it comes as output of sync_client -l -v -u (user list)
> The error in the logs is probably more detailed, something like "server
> responded with NO" etc.
> :wes
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