cyrus replication question

Wesley Craig wes at
Thu Dec 14 15:36:12 EST 2006

On 14 Dec 2006, at 13:43, stas khromoy wrote:
> i looked at the size of my imap/user folder on replica (1.9gb)
> and size of the same folder on master (2.4gb)

First, I'd try to fix the "bailing out" problem you're having.  Or,  
if you want to just get things closer to correct, invoke:

	sync_client -v -l -u username

once for every user.  That way, when it encounters one bad user, it  
won't stop.  Of course, you may have many "bad" users, as well.  If  
you still have problems once all the "bad" users are corrected, then  
we can debug the size differences.


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