shared mailboxes - all so present on the web - no light yet

Martin Marcher martin.marcher at
Wed Dec 13 13:16:31 EST 2006


Am 13.12.2006 um 16:48 schrieb Adam Tauno Williams:

> Ditto.

My fault, I just didn't have enough time to figure the correct  
vocabulary for my goals. This makes googling information very hard  
too :(

> Maybe what you want is to set postuser in your imapd.conf.

for me it works fine without a postuser (are there any drawbacks in  
not using a postuser?)
"+shared at" works fine and as far as I understood postuser  
would just be some artificial username to prepend to shared mailboxes...

> Yep.  Anonymous needs p if you want to receive unauthenticated  
> messages
> to a folder.

Ok now user+mailbox posting works fine (where user is an existing  
user in cyrus and mailbox is a "subfolder" in "users"s mailbox)

>> For user+shared at that would be user/user/ 
>> shared at
>> (or user.user.shared) - or INBOX.shared for the user.
>> Shared mailboxes are
>> You can also use sieve to redirect mails to shared at or
>> user at to the folder or something similar. Most WEb
>> interfaces are unable to filter the mailbox extension (thats what the
>> "shared" in user+shared at is called), though, so you'd
>> probably want to create a dedicated user for that.

Ok, to clear things up I have these mailboxes:> lam shared at
user at lrswipcda
anyone p> lam user/user at
user at lrswipcda
cyrus lrswipcda

No I write a mail to "user+shared at" and I want the mail to  
be posted to "shared at" I do need to use sieve (anything  
else?) to have this mail posted to "shared at" instead of  
somewhere in "user at"


If "user+shared at" exists cyrus would put the message there  
(given the ACLs are correct)
If only "user at" exists cyrus would put the message there

Hope I could express myself a bit clearer now...


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