shared mailboxes - all so present on the web - no light yet

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Wed Dec 13 13:55:31 EST 2006

On Wed, 13 Dec 2006, Martin Marcher wrote:

> Ok, to clear things up I have these mailboxes:
>> lam shared at
> user at lrswipcda
> anyone p
>> lam user/user at
> user at lrswipcda
> cyrus lrswipcda
> No I write a mail to "user+shared at" and I want the mail to be 
> posted to "shared at" I do need to use sieve (anything else?) to 
> have this mail posted to "shared at" instead of somewhere in 
> "user at"
> Because:
> If "user+shared at" exists cyrus would put the message there (given 
> the ACLs are correct)
> If only "user at" exists cyrus would put the message there
> Hope I could express myself a bit clearer now...

You would need to use a sieve rule on "user at" to somehow 
redirect/fileinto the message to "shared at".

You cannot do exactly what you ask without a sieve rule.

Consider what would happen if you had both "foo at" (shared 
folder) and "user/ at" (folder "foo" under the user's 
inbox).  If send email to user+foo at, which mailbox should Cyrus 
put it in?


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