shared mailboxes - all so present on the web - no light yet

Adam Tauno Williams adam at
Wed Dec 13 10:48:36 EST 2006

> > I just created a shared mailbox where users can subscribe and post to 
> > by addressing +shared at mail gets delivered correctly. But 
> > I'm trying to achieve that user+shared at gets delivered to 
> > this shared mailbox.
> I must admit that I don't fully understand what you want to achieve - 


Maybe what you want is to set postuser in your imapd.conf.

For instance we have:
postuser: shared

So shared+folder1@ gets sent to /folder1;  under no user.  or shared
+folderA.folderB gets sent to /folderA/folderB.

Sending to username+folderB looks for /user/username/folderB.

> because of that I can only give a generic hint: the most common 
> problems are permissions. The delivery user must have Post ("p") 
> permissions to the subfolder.

Yep.  Anonymous needs p if you want to receive unauthenticated messages
to a folder.

> For user+shared at that would be user/user/shared at 
> (or user.user.shared) - or INBOX.shared for the user.
> Shared mailboxes are
> You can also use sieve to redirect mails to shared at or 
> user at to the folder or something similar. Most WEb 
> interfaces are unable to filter the mailbox extension (thats what the 
> "shared" in user+shared at is called), though, so you'd 
> probably want to create a dedicated user for that.

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