shared mailboxes - all so present on the web - no light yet

Martin Marcher martin.marcher at
Wed Dec 13 10:46:05 EST 2006


Am 13.12.2006 um 15:45 schrieb former03 | Baltasar Cevc:

> I must admit that I don't fully understand what you want to achieve  
> - because of that I can only give a generic hint: the most common  
> problems are permissions. The delivery user must have Post ("p")  
> permissions to the subfolder.
> For user+shared at that would be user/user/ 
> shared at (or user.user.shared) - or INBOX.shared for the  
> user.
> Shared mailboxes are

I do have the following layout> lm user/user at
user/user at (\HasChildren)> lam user/user at
user at lrswipcda
cyrus lrswipcda> lm shared at
shared at (\HasNoChildren)> lam shared at
user at lrswipcda
anyone lrsp

What I can do is write a mail to "+shared at" which is  
placed in the mailbox of "shared at" <- this is the way I  
want it....

What I can't do is write a mail to"user+shared at" this is  
placed in the inbox of "user/user at" but I'd like it to be  
placed in the "shared at" mailbox

I'm not even sure any more if this is doable. Also If i send to user 
+something at (where the mailbox "something" does exist) I  
just gets delivered to INBOX. Chances are good I missed something  
major (preauthed lmtp delivery?)


PS: Posting to the list again in case someone needs find this in the  

> You can also use sieve to redirect mails to shared at or  
> user at to the folder or something similar. Most WEb  
> interfaces are unable to filter the mailbox extension (thats what  
> the "shared" in user+shared at is called), though, so  
> you'd probably want to create a dedicated user for that.

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