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Mon Dec 4 09:49:26 EST 2006

Jo Rhett <jrhett at> writes:

> Gary Mills wrote:
>> On Sun, Dec 03, 2006 at 05:33:15PM -0800, Jo Rhett wrote:
>>> Gary Mills wrote:
>>>> We've had excellent sendmail/cyrus integration for years, with
>>>> 35,000 users.  It's done by having all users in the NIS map on
>>>> the mail server.  No modification to sendmail is necessary because
>>>> getpwnam() returns the passwd entry for the user.  Users can't log
>>>> in to the mail server, of course, because PAM rules prevent that.
>>>> The same thing could be done with other user databases, such as
>>>> LDAP.  Why would you ever need a different form of integration?
>>> We've done the same by putting all user accounts into virtusertable
>>> with the no-recursion option.
>>> That said, it does require something to take user accounts and
>>> export them into virtusertable/nis maps/etc.  So this approach is
>>> technically superior to what you and I are doing.
>> Well, unless you are offering only e-mail service, you have to do that
>> anyway.  We offer many services to all, or subsets, of our users.
>> Having them all in one database is very convenient.  For example, we
>> have a web portal that authenticates users from the same database as
>> the e-mail server.
> Yes, but again you're not making a good argument for why they should
> be forced to create a centralized database if they don't have one
> already.
> Yes, if you already have all this information in another form you
> don't have this problem today.  So you don't need this project.
> This project would help people without that centralized database, or
> who want updates to the good user list to happen in realtime rather
> than after an export of data.

"LDAP master" configuration of cyrus IMAP and sendmail does make sense
especially with "mailbox auto create patch 
1) socket map daemon provides also "mailbox over quota" hint to MTA
   (sendmail) for use in "RCPT TO:" replies
2) cyrus virtual domains can be integrated in "nicer" with LDAP way even
   without quota check at MTA level
3) I insist on supporting *mixed* mailbox types e.g. with *most* mailboxes
   in cyrus but *some* mailboxes serviced by "classic local mailer".
   IMHO it makes sense to deliver messages to postmaster/abuse to cyrus
   and to local "mailbox agent" (procmail) and classic mailbox file.

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