Beyond rtcyrus2 (sendmail integration)

Andrzej Adam Filip anfi at
Mon Dec 4 04:32:31 EST 2006

Jo Rhett wrote:
> Gary Mills wrote:
>> We've had excellent sendmail/cyrus integration for years, with
>> 35,000 users.  It's done by having all users in the NIS map on
>> the mail server.  No modification to sendmail is necessary because
>> getpwnam() returns the passwd entry for the user.  Users can't log
>> in to the mail server, of course, because PAM rules prevent that.
>> The same thing could be done with other user databases, such as
>> LDAP.  Why would you ever need a different form of integration?
> We've done the same by putting all user accounts into virtusertable with
> the no-recursion option.
> That said, it does require something to take user accounts and export
> them into virtusertable/nis maps/etc.  So this approach is technically
> superior to what you and I are doing.

RTCyrus2 and RTCyrus3 send socket map queries to smmapd.c cyrus daemon
to get information about mailbox existence and mailbox quota status in
*real time* without any need for periodic exports.

Methods based on periodic export are better if you expect longer cyrus
imap outages and the mailbox list is "pretty stable". I have suggested
such methods as superior for *MS Exchange* (on other forums).

Virtusertable based solutions are not capable to check mailbox quota
status *in SMTP session*. It is possible with socket map based solutions.

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