Beyond rtcyrus2 (sendmail integration)

Jo Rhett jrhett at
Mon Dec 4 17:12:59 EST 2006

On Dec 4, 2006, at 1:05 PM, Gary Mills wrote:
>> Really?  Sendmail queries the SQL for each delivery recipient?
> Potentially, but nscd caches the results.  Sendmail also does
> authenticated SMTP via SASL, just like Cyrus IMAP does it.
> They are nicely integrated.
>> Clearly, there is an export mechanism.
> Nothing periodic, if that's what you mean.  There's a replication
> feed from the SQL master to an instance on the e-mail server.

So what you are describing is clearly a coordinated project with  
components that you've welded together for your environment.  Kindof  
like what they are doing, but with a different glue.

So why are you complaining that the project doesn't need to exist?   
Clearly your installation isn't out of the box....

(comments coming from someone who has developed their own project and  
uses his own glue and knows that it's not trivial and appreciates  
documentation work done by others....)

Jo Rhett
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