Multiple username/passwords pointing to the same mailbox .. possible?

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--On 21. August 2006 00:19:58 -0700 Nikola Milutinovic <alokin1 at> 

>> I am currently migrating a large number of IMAP/POP accounts from one
>> server to another.  The old server using a schema of CLIENTID-0,
>> CLIENTID-1 etc as the naming schema, and it is required that the new
>> server use the user at domain naming schema.
> If your "domain" is a default domain, then AuthID od "user1" is
> equivalent to "user1 at domain".
> However, I don't think this is what you want.

That was my understanding, too - as far as I've understood the message, 
that is not the case (as he has clientids in his old scheme and I assume 
differenct clients have different domains).

> Now, I can already see a plot-hole in my plan. How will you make all of
> your users use new credentials? Well, if they have to switch to a new
> server and that has to be done on their accounts, than you can assign
> them new credentials just the same.
My understanding was that this was the point he wanted to avoid.
Apart from this point, I agree ;-)

But because of these point, I'd dig in the perdition archives or ask on 
their mailinglist. It seems that Perdition ist well suited for this kind of 
  - (see the 
regexp section)

Hope that is a startig point.
By the way: if you find a solution it would be great if you'd post it. I 
will need something similar soon ;-)


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