Multiple username/passwords pointing to the same mailbox .. possible?

Nikola Milutinovic alokin1 at
Mon Aug 21 03:19:58 EDT 2006

> I am currently migrating a large number of IMAP/POP accounts from one
> server to another.  The old server using a schema of CLIENTID-0,
> CLIENTID-1 etc as the naming schema, and it is required that the new
> server use the user at domain naming schema.

If your "domain" is a default domain, then AuthID od "user1" is equivalent to "user1 at domain".

However, I don't think this is what you want.

Well, Cyrus IMAP doesn't support mail forder aliases and I am not aware of any other server that does. That simply cannot be done, unless you are willing to hack the source of Cyrus IMAP. Hmm, Gods of Cyrus IMAP (yes, Ken, I am addressing you among others :-)), would this be problematic to implement? I am not aware of bad repercussions, which doesn't mean that there are none.

Anyway, for now, my suggestion to you would be to do this:

1. Make "domain" your default domain.
2. Migrate all OLD mailfolders to the new server.
3. Create all NEW mailfolders and make credentials for the new user scheme ONLY.
4. Give all your users new logins.
5. Use "cyradm" to grant permissions for new users to read mail in old folders
6. Urge them to migrate mail or do it yourself - go there an and drag/drop old mails to new mbox

Now, I can already see a plot-hole in my plan. How will you make all of your users use new credentials? Well, if they have to switch to a new server and that has to be done on their accounts, than you can assign them new credentials just the same.

If bulk migration is out of the question, then move them one by one.


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