Multiple username/passwords pointing to the same mailbox .. possible?

Malcolm Locke malc at
Sun Aug 20 23:59:05 EDT 2006


I have what is probably a fairly unusual requirement and am wondering if
anyone can suggest a possible solution.

I am currently migrating a large number of IMAP/POP accounts from one
server to another.  The old server using a schema of CLIENTID-0,
CLIENTID-1 etc as the naming schema, and it is required that the new
server use the user at domain naming schema.

I am looking for a way to maintain multiple logins for the mailboxes, so
that it is not necessary for every client to change their login details.
So, for example a user can log in as OLDUSER-1 or user at and go
to the same mailbox.

Does anyone have a working configuration for this?

I have been working on the problem using saslauthd with Linux PAM.  PAM
has a mechanism to allow you to change the users username during login,
which is used in the pam_ftp module.  However, my cursory looks at the
code seem to indicate that any changes to this value will not be carried
down the path from PAM -> saslauthd -> imapd.
Malcolm Locke - Systems Administrator,

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