Multiple username/passwords pointing to the same mailbox .. possible?

former03|Baltasar Cevc baltasar.cevc at
Mon Aug 21 03:39:11 EDT 2006

Hi Malcom,

> I am currently migrating a large number of IMAP/POP accounts from one
> server to another.  The old server using a schema of CLIENTID-0,
> CLIENTID-1 etc as the naming schema, and it is required that the new
> server use the user at domain naming schema.

You cold manage authorization using some database mechanism, where you 
could have multiple users; however you would have to separate 
authentication and autorization then. There would be one main problem for 
which I don't known any solution now: you can't grant access to users in a 
different realm; and your old users are in the servername realm, your new 
ones in their own domain's.

Another possibility: perhaps Perdition or some other IMAP proxy can help? I 
don't use it yet, but it has some nice options, e.g. it can present 
accounts on different servers on one frontend. So perhaps it has some 
features that can help you.



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