Migrating a former /etc/sasldb2 (GNU dbm 1.x or ndbm database, little endian)

Kevin Kruzich kkruzich at linkshare.com
Tue Aug 15 16:59:21 EDT 2006

Clarification below...

Kevin Kruzich wrote:
> I have an /etc/sasldb2 containing around 600 accounts, in GNU dbm 
> format. In running sasldblistusers2 I can see entries like so:
> joe at greenwich: cmusaslsecretPLAIN
> jack at greenwich: userPassword
> jane at greenwich: userPassword
> When I try to authenticate against (using imtest) this on a host other 
> than greenwich I get the following:

When I move the sasldb2 file to another host (eg, "mbox"), the system 
we're planning to migrate to, I get the following:

> S: L01 NO Login failed: user not found
> Authentication failed. generic failure
> Security strength factor: 0
> I CAN add another account joe at mbox using saslpasswd2 --but what I really 
> want to do is change the domain (or realm) in this existing sasldb2.

I've moved the sasldb2 file to another host --and I can add an 
additional account there. So there's joe at greenwich and joe at mbox. But 
what I'd rather do is just change the name of the realm for joe, leaving 
his former password intact.

> I've searched hi and lo and can't find anything on this. I really don't 
> want to ask 600 people to change their email password.
> Any suggestions?
> Thank you,
> --kkruzich
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