Outlook 2003 still crashing

Daniel Eckl deckl at nero.com
Tue Aug 15 08:16:51 EDT 2006

I understand. No, we don't have this either.

I have attached cyrus.conf and imapd.conf.

We are running Cyrus 2.2.12 on SuSE 10.0 on filesystem XFS
(HW: Dual Xeon 2GB RAM, SCSI RAID-5 0,5 TB capacity)

I had freezes up to 30 seconds with the same config running on
filesystem ext3, but this error was clearly on server side, the ext3
flushing behavior was so bad that it caused incredible iowait and huge
load and full server stalls.

Hope that helps


Alexander Kriegisch wrote:
> Daniel,
> this is interesting. For clarification: OL2003 does not crash, but
> rather stall forever, so I have to kill the process. Anyway, you don't
> have those problems. Maybe it could help to compare the config files?
> What do you think?
> Alexander
> Daniel Eckl wrote:
>> We have the same setup with cyrus 2.2.12 w/ IMAP IDLE and Outlook 2003
>> SP2.
>> We never had Outlook crashing (well, not more than normal with outlook
>> *g*), neither with nor without any Outlook SP.
>> I don't think that this is cyrus or IDLE related.
>> But I don't have any clue, to be honest...
>> Best,
>> Daniel
>> Alexander Kriegisch wrote:
>>> I am referring to a thread somebody else started in November 2005:
>>> Kenneth Murchison wrote (Wed Nov 16 20:23:28 EST 2005):
>>>> Wil Cooley wrote:
>>>>> On Mon, 2005-11-14 at 08:01 -0500, Ken Murchison wrote:
>>>>>> Grabbing a protocol dump when you experience the crash might be
>>>>>> helpful.
>>>>> I'm seeing it with Office 2003 SP2 installed (didn't test w/o
>>>>> SP2).  I'm
>>>>> looking at the protocol logs but for the life of me I cannot see
>>>>> anything going wrong.  It sends IDLE requests and then just hangs up
>>>>> trying to do who-knows-what.  Since I don't really understand IDLE and
>>>>> idled (other than the general idea of staying connected), I tried
>>>>> restarting with idled not starting in cyrus.conf, to no avail.
>>>> Disable IDLE altogether in Cyrus.  Outlook doesn't play well with
>>>> others, except for Exchange.
>>> Well, Kenneth, we tried just that, but to no avail. The results are even
>>> worse than enabling IDLE, but decreasing the timeout. I am quoting my
>>> sys-admin here, I am not administering the server myself.
>>> We tried OL2003 without patches and with SP2. No difference in results,
>>> and we share the same symtoms mentioned in that older thread. Strangely,
>>> it seems to work with older OL2000.
>>> Regards
>>> Alexander Kriegisch
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# standard standalone server implementation

  # do not delete this entry!
  recover	cmd="ctl_cyrusdb -r"

  # this is only necessary if using idled for IMAP IDLE
  idled		cmd="idled"

# UNIX sockets start with a slash and are put into /var/lib/imap/socket
  # add or remove based on preferences
  imap		cmd="imapd" listen="imap" prefork=10
  imaps		cmd="imapd -s" listen="imaps" prefork=10
  pop3		cmd="pop3d" listen="pop3" prefork=0
  pop3s		cmd="pop3d -s" listen="pop3s" prefork=0
  sieve		cmd="timsieved" listen="sieve" prefork=0

  # at least one LMTP is required for delivery
  lmtpunix	cmd="lmtpd" listen="/var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp" prefork=20

  # this is only necessary if using notifications
#  notify	cmd="notifyd" listen="/var/lib/imap/socket/notify" proto="udp" prefork=1

  # this is required
  checkpoint	cmd="ctl_cyrusdb -c" period=30

  # this is only necessary if using duplicate delivery suppression
  delprune      cmd="cyr_expire -E 3" at=0400

  # this is only necessary if caching TLS sessions
  tlsprune      cmd="tls_prune" at=0400

  # Uncomment the next entry, if you want to automatically remove
  # old messages of EVERY user.
  # This example calls ipurge every 60 minutes and ipurge will delete
  # ALL messages older then 30 days.
  # enter 'man 8 ipurge' for more details

  # cleanup      cmd="ipurge -d 30 -f" period=60
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configdirectory: /var/lib/imap
partition-default: /var/spool/imap
sievedir: /var/lib/sieve
admins: cyrus
allowanonymouslogin: no
autocreatequota: 10000
reject8bit: no
munge8bit: no
quotawarn: 95
timeout: 30
poptimeout: 10
dracinterval: 0
drachost: localhost
sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd
allowplaintext: yes
sasl_mech_list: PLAIN
servername: XXXXXXX.XXXX.XXX
altnamespace: yes
rfc_ignore_8bit: yes
duplicate_db: skiplist
duplicatesuppression: yes
lmtp_overquota_perm_failure: no
lmtp_downcase_rcpt: yes
flushseenstate: yes
postmaster: xxxxxxxx at xxx.xxx
rfc3028_strict: no
singleinstancestore: yes

# if you want TLS, you have to generate certificates and keys
#tls_cert_file: /usr/ssl/certs/cert.pem
#tls_key_file: /usr/ssl/certs/skey.pem
#tls_ca_file: /usr/ssl/CA/CAcert.pem
#tls_ca_path: /usr/ssl/CA

tls_cert_file: /usr/ssl/certs/moonfish.nero.com.crt
tls_key_file: /usr/ssl/certs/moonfish.nero.com.key
tls_session_timeout: 1440
tlscache_db: skiplist

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