Outlook 2003 still crashing

Alexander Kriegisch Alexander.Kriegisch at mathema.de
Tue Aug 15 07:23:28 EDT 2006


this is interesting. For clarification: OL2003 does not crash, but 
rather stall forever, so I have to kill the process. Anyway, you don't 
have those problems. Maybe it could help to compare the config files? 
What do you think?


Daniel Eckl wrote:
> We have the same setup with cyrus 2.2.12 w/ IMAP IDLE and Outlook 2003 SP2.
> We never had Outlook crashing (well, not more than normal with outlook
> *g*), neither with nor without any Outlook SP.
> I don't think that this is cyrus or IDLE related.
> But I don't have any clue, to be honest...
> Best,
> Daniel
> Alexander Kriegisch wrote:
>> I am referring to a thread somebody else started in November 2005:
>> Kenneth Murchison wrote (Wed Nov 16 20:23:28 EST 2005):
>>> Wil Cooley wrote:
>>>> On Mon, 2005-11-14 at 08:01 -0500, Ken Murchison wrote:
>>>>> Grabbing a protocol dump when you experience the crash might be
>>>>> helpful.
>>>> I'm seeing it with Office 2003 SP2 installed (didn't test w/o SP2).  I'm
>>>> looking at the protocol logs but for the life of me I cannot see
>>>> anything going wrong.  It sends IDLE requests and then just hangs up
>>>> trying to do who-knows-what.  Since I don't really understand IDLE and
>>>> idled (other than the general idea of staying connected), I tried
>>>> restarting with idled not starting in cyrus.conf, to no avail.
>>> Disable IDLE altogether in Cyrus.  Outlook doesn't play well with
>>> others, except for Exchange.
>> Well, Kenneth, we tried just that, but to no avail. The results are even
>> worse than enabling IDLE, but decreasing the timeout. I am quoting my
>> sys-admin here, I am not administering the server myself.
>> We tried OL2003 without patches and with SP2. No difference in results,
>> and we share the same symtoms mentioned in that older thread. Strangely,
>> it seems to work with older OL2000.
>> Regards
>> Alexander Kriegisch

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