UTF folders created via OE and SquirrelMail

Sava Chankov sava at blueboard.biz
Wed Oct 26 09:47:18 EDT 2005

lkolchin at univ.haifa.ac.il wrote:
> Hello All,
> When I create Imap folder in Hebrew lang. via SquirrelMail it looks O.K. in the SquirrelMail interface and I can work with it.
> But when I use Outlook Express, this folder looks like gibberish.
> The same happens if I create Hebrew named folder in OE, it looks like gibberish in SquirrelMail interface.
> My system is SLES 9, and it supports UTF. I can create hebrew named folders on the FS level. But both folders created in OE and in the SquirrelMail looks like gibberish on the FS level.
> Is there a command I can use to instruct Cyrus to create folders in UTF?
> Or may be there is another solution.
> P.S.:
> All packages in my installations are SuSE made rpms.

See RFC2060 − section 5.1.3 − Mailbox International Naming Convention
   By convention, international mailbox names are specified
   using a modified version of the UTF−7 encoding.

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