User can't delete mail

Nick Trenary trenaryn at
Mon Oct 24 14:41:01 EDT 2005

Ken Murchison wrote:

> Nick Trenary wrote:
>> Nick Trenary wrote:
>>> I have a user who topped out her quota.  We tried emptying the trash 
>>> and received an i/o error.  The following line showed up in my 
>>> mailaccess log.
>>> IOERROR: user.username.Trash zero index record 14/3941.
>>> I've tried increasing her quota and reconstructing her account, no 
>>> luck.  The new quota is recognized in her account but I still can't 
>>> delete messages.
>> I dug into her Trash folder and noticed that she has a two new files 
>> labeled and along with the 
>> cyrus.cache and cyrus.header.  Is there something that needs to be 
>> done with these files?
> Did the user still have their IMAP client active when you 
> reconstructed the mailbox?  Make sure that user.username.Trash isn't 
> being accessed when you do the reconstruct.
Tried that.  No luck.  Is there a way I can purge all messages or simply 
recreate the Trash folder?  She doesn't need any of the messages.

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