User can't delete mail

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Tue Oct 25 01:06:43 EDT 2005

> Ken Murchison wrote:
>> Nick Trenary wrote:
>>> Nick Trenary wrote:
>>>> I have a user who topped out her quota.  We tried emptying the trash
>>>> and received an i/o error.  The following line showed up in my
>>>> mailaccess log.
>>>> IOERROR: user.username.Trash zero index record 14/3941.
>>>> I've tried increasing her quota and reconstructing her account, no
>>>> luck.  The new quota is recognized in her account but I still can't
>>>> delete messages.
>>> I dug into her Trash folder and noticed that she has a two new files
>>> labeled and along with the
>>> cyrus.cache and cyrus.header.  Is there something that needs to be
>>> done with these files?
>> Did the user still have their IMAP client active when you
>> reconstructed the mailbox?  Make sure that user.username.Trash isn't
>> being accessed when you do the reconstruct.
> Tried that.  No luck.  Is there a way I can purge all messages or simply
> recreate the Trash folder?  She doesn't need any of the messages.

You can use cyradm to delete the Trash folder. Something like

sam user.xxxxx.Trash cyrus all
dm user.xxxxx.Trash

This should remove the folder.


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