synchronizing main and backup server

Cristian Mitrana cristian.mitrana at
Mon Nov 28 15:37:15 EST 2005

Cristian Livadaru wrote:

>What would be the best way to keep 2 servers up to date with the mails? 
>I read about imapsync but here you would need the password which I could
>implement to store it in the db in plain text but I don't realy want
>this. I would like to keep them crypted like they are now.
 Then use proxy authorization and you'll only need an admin account and
the corresponding password to access every user's mailboxes.

>My idea is to have a server here lets say which is the main mail
>server for all my domains, and a backup mx somehere else, lets say
>, now when is not reachable the mails will automaticaly
>go to by having 2 mx records this should be no issue.
>But now comes the tricky part with cyrus how do I get the mails from
> to ? 
 You don't, that's what mx backups are good for. Your secondary mx 
should deliver
the mail to your primary host when it's up. If you want to keep 2 cyrus 
servers then
perhaps you need a 2-way imapsync solution. And, of course, this only 
works for receiving
mails, what about serving your clients and keeping their mails available 
at all times ?

>is there any way without needing the passwords from the users? 
 See the docs for proxy authorization.

>I was thinking of a rsync solution but I don't think cyrus would be very
>pleased with this.


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