Memory footprint reduction possible ?

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--On November 22, 2005 12:06:39 AM -0300 Carlos Horowicz 
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> Hello there,
> I'm wondering if there's any way to reduce cyrus imapd memory footprint ,
> in order to avoid swapping.
> I noticed that same OS version and same config has different footprints
> in servers with different number of users.
> My config is : FreeBSD 5.4-stable, cyrus imap 2.2.12 , cyrus-sasl 2.1.21
> , db-4.3.27 , works nicely with between 50k and 100k mailboxes per
> server. Cyrus-Sasl is compiled without GSSAPI but with MySQL and db4.3.27.
> The process size of imapd, pop3d or lmtpd is between 60 and 100M , with
> resident size of only between 5 or 10M. I tried changing
> berkeley_cachesize , and the type of mailboxes.db (skiplist and
> berkeley) but nothing changed.

Woah...60+M?  That doesn't sound right at all...Linux 2.4 w/ cyrus 2.1.17 
only does like 3M or so per process....My freebsd box shows different stats 
(4.11) with a similar version of cyrus does show a VSIZE/VSZ of around 40M 
with a 5M real usage....  I think VSZ/SIZE/VSIZE on FreeBSD is funny and 
includes space that libs are using maybe.  Either way something isn't quite 
right with your setup because it's something like 2x mine if we're sharing 
datapoints.  FreeBSD always shows more usage because IIRC the VSZ field is 
just the upper brk/sbrk limit of the process or something like that.

> DOes anybody have any suggestion on how to reduce the process size of
> imapd ?
> TIA,
> -Carlos
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