Procmail/Spamassassin, Cyrus, Postfix, Sieve problems

Caleb Walker caleb at
Thu Nov 17 10:52:17 EST 2005

I have been looking all over the net, on google and mailing lists
archives for the answer to my problem.  In a nutshell, Sieve does not
work because, as I can see, cyrdeliver (deliver) bypasses sieve
filters.  I have seen posts where people say that deliver uses the lmtp
programs and therefore passes mail through sieve and I have seen others
state that, when using procmail as I am, it bypasses sieve.  I also saw
another article on the internet where a person had a procmail recipe
that used unix:/var/run/cyrus/socket/lmtp as a delivery destination but
that does not work and I cannot find anything in procmail that remotely
says that this might work.
In the end, how do I get into a situation where I can use Cyrus/Sieve
and spamassassin together?  Any thoughts?  Your help would be much
appreciated.  The other thing about that is I dont want to use dot files
in users home directories because in my environment users cannot log
into the server nor do they have home directories.  Spamassassin prefs
are in LDAP.

Caleb Walker

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