Importing MBOX-formatted mailboxes into Cyrus?

Phillip Hollweg phollweg at
Thu Nov 17 17:24:10 EST 2005


I am trying to use the Thunderbird mail client to move POP3 messages  
from some Mac OS X clients to Cyrus running on Mac OS X 10.4.

I have created mbox files with a utility for Mac OS X called "emlx to  
mbox Converter" which converts file used by Apple Mail 2 to mbox format.

I was able to get the mbox messages into Thunderbird's local folders,  
but when I tried to move messages from there to IMAP I received the  
message "The mail server responded: Message contains invalid header."

Is there a log file that would give me more specific information? Any  
suggestions for how to troubleshoot this?

Regards, Phillip


On Nov 17, 2005, at 1:44 PM, Simon Matter wrote:

>> Hi all,
>> First off, thanks for all the excellent suggestions.  
>> Unfortunately, the
>> simplest ones do not work. If I try to simply drag messages or entire
>> folders to the IMAP server in Thunderbird, I get the following error:
>> The current command did not succeed. The mail server responded:  
>> Message
>> contains bare newlines.
> Hi,
> If you want your cyrus-imapd to handle those broken messages, you  
> have to
> patch it. Attached patch should do it.
> Simon
>> I am not sure what this means. Could anyone please elaborate or  
>> possibly
>> offer a workaround? In the meantime, I am going to play around with
>> procmail
>> rules. Thanks again.
>> Regards,
>> Matt
>> On 11/17/05, Joseph Brennan <brennan at> wrote:
>>> I was able to
>>>> convert
>>>> these into standard MBOX format using a tool called qmptombox,  
>>>> which
>>>> we were
>>>> able to import into Thunderbird's "Local Folders". Ideally,  
>>>> however,
>>>> we
>>>> would like to have these messages reside on the IMAP server itself.
>>>> Are
>>>> there any tools available that will take MBOX mailboxes and insert
>>>> them into
>>>> Cyrus?
>>> Why not use Thunderbird and drag the folders from local to server?

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