Disabling MAILBOX-REFERRALS in Murder Setup

Paul M Fleming pfleming at siumed.edu
Mon Nov 14 13:02:50 EST 2005

What I think I'm going to do is remove the

MAIL-REFERRALS from the capability list in version.h and only advertise 
referral support if the logged in user is an admin (proxyd_userisadmin 
or imapd_userisadmin)

Paul M Fleming wrote:

> I've been running my own IMAP proxy code for a while and am ready to 
> switch to using murder to get a unified namespace. I don't want IMAP 
> referrals enabled for my DMZ front-end hosts (I want all traffic proxied 
> -- not referred to the correct backend regardless of client support). Is 
> there any easy way to disable referrals under 2.1.18 other than hacking 
> on the code?
> Is changing the capabilities string enough or do I need to change 
> proxyd.c and imapd.c as well. If i need to change proxyd.c is disabling 
> the rlsub and rlist commands sufficient? What about imapd.c??
> Thanks
> Paul
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