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Please use web-cyradm tutorial - www.web-cyradm.org
This is the one you need, I believe.

Leon Kolchinsky 

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hi all,
i am trying to configure my cyrus-imap in order to use it with sasl,mysql,pam to support multi-domains mail server ..

my main question is:
i am following up a http://workaround.org/articles/ispmail-sarge/ tutorail in order to build this mail server ..
this tutorial uses courier-imap instead of cyrus-imap ..

how can i switch to use cyrus-imap instead ?? and what changes should i apply in order to make my mail server works ???

i asked on postfix channel on irc and they told me that i had to tell cyrus how to use mysql files that i had created for my multi-domain server so can any one tell me how to do it ???

i am using debian-sarge as an opertaing system .

last question: does cyrus has any channel on irc ?? what is it's name and what is the server name that this channel is connected to??

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